I make things. Original, cool things.
Did I mention I use lasers? I use lasers sometimes.

Made by hand...

All of the items I make, is made by me, with my own hands, in-house, with my own creative and manufacturing process. 

... AND A LASER (sometimes)

Sometimes I use a laser cutter. Other times I use a vinyl cutter. It all just depends on the thing I'm making.

Ignite the maker within

Making is a big part of who I am. I absolutely love to make things, and I love when the things I draw come to life in a physical medium (such as engraved wood or a t-shirt design, or whatever)! 

And I love Art

I try to bring a lot of character to my designs. It's important to me that not only does the art look good, but it's something you won't find anywhere else. Every design is unique, and made with love.

I'm always learning new skills, which is very important to me.
I can't wait to Show you what I have cooking in the lab!