Episode 24 - Totally platonic

On this episode of Art Zen, we talk about our process in creating our comics. We also have our first e-mail question about freelancing!

Note: Darrel's audio is pretty bad this week. He appologizes, but something went ary on his end. We have given him a stern talking to, and put a warning in his file. 

Show Notes:


Our comic process
Sherm Cohen's Inking Tutorals (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwuiBm9B9t0)
Buffers (http://www.paperwingspodcast.com/2011/09/three-things-i-wish-i%E2%80%99d-known-before-i-started-my-webcomic-part-1-of-3/#more-623)

Freelance question from Mike, From KC! (thanks for the e-mail!)
Mike's Blog (http://www.mikenickells.com/)


Thank you for listening!

Episode 24 - Totally platonic