Episode 25 - Because the future, is outer-spaaaaaaccceee!

On this episode of Art Zen, We talk about the loss of a Titan, Steve Jobs. We also, gracefully segue to copyright and public domain talk. There's Gold in them, there public domain! It's mostly about movies and why hollywood is lazy!

Show Notes:

Intro (with Thomas, the Cartooneer)
So long, Steve Jobs, and thanks for all the fish.

Hollywood mineing the public domain.
Thomas has NEVER played the boardgame, Guesswho.
Dolphin's Tail, has a logo. 

 Twitter'ers of the week:

Thomas: @etherbrian 
Darrel: @JenniferLMeyer  (website: http://www.jennifer-meyer.com/)


Thanks for listening!

Because the future, is outer-spaaaaaaccceee!