Episode 33 - Drunken' New Years Eve

On this (last) episode of (the year for) Art Zen, it's New Year's Eve (technically New Year's Eve-Eve during recording)! We discuss Resolutions and how goals are better, things an artist should do at the end of the year, and things to look forward to. Happy New Years everybody!

Show Notes:

  • Intro
  • Preparing for the end of the year
  • Reflecting on accomplishments/failures of the year
    • What did you try that you shouldn't have
    • Did you learn anything about yourself, talent or craft
    • Identify weak spots to bolster, weak spots to give up on
    • Identify strong spots to nurture
    • Refine direction
  • Look forward to the new year
    • Make goals, not resolutions
    • Gear goals toward reflections of the past year
    • Set goals to accomplish new things in your craft, dont become stagnant
  • PARTY!
Tips of the week:
Thomas: If you want to be a professional artists you must make it a lifestyle and not a job
Darrel: When designing, Ask yourself what little things can you do to make the design better.

Twitter'er of the week:
Thomas: @TB5918
Darrel: @dustpiggies

Happy New Years Everybody, and Thanks for listening! Join us in 2012 for more Art Zeny-ness!

Episode 33 - Drunken' New Years Eve