Episode 1 - The beginning

On this episode of Art Zen we discuss the way the internet is changing print, CSS3 & HTML5 and the eventual death of flash.  We also talk a bit about how the iPad is changing the way we design for the web. Actually, I'm not gonna lie. We talk about the past a lot in this first episode. But you can't know about the future if you don't re-live the past right?

Show Notes:

Introduction of the Hosts
- Darrel is a Web designer / sometimes graphic designer.
- Thomas is the creator of Robot Friday and freelance graphic designer. 

Going from Print to Digital

Web Design Trends
- Big push to CSS3 and HTML5 
- The Flash of the past ( like the TV)
- Large Banners, er.. Background images. ("Old is new again")
- Diving into CSS 
- Throw Spaghetti at the Wall... 
- We welcome our computer overlords 

The iPad 2
- iPad 2 , not as hyped as iPad 1.
- 50 Dollar iPhone 
- Pad mobile devices will become more important 

Websites on mobile devices
Overuse of background textures 

Tips of the week
-  Graphic design : Learn how to draw
-  Freelancing : Be a businessman
-  Web: CSS... that's it. 


That's it for episode 1, thanks for listening!

Episode 1 : The Beginning