Episode 2 - Perfection is the enemy

On this episode of the Art Zen podcast we discuss what to do when you're stuck creatively.  Darrel talks about why the podcast is called "Art Zen", and Thomas gives some great tips on freelancing. Also, the new segment, "Twitter'er of the week" is revealed!

Show Notes:

Introduction, "what's happenin' "
- Episode 1, response good so far.
- What happens when it hit iTunes? (We're on iTunes!)

Why we call it, "Art Zen"
- For artist, Art is Zen.

How we keep our creativity when we're not feeling it
- Fear helps us focus
 - No on/off valve, it's a lifestyle 
 - Client deadlines help
- "Getting it done Vs. getting it perfect"
- "Pefectionism is the enemy"
- No easy button, just doin' it! 

- Set a self imposed deadline
- Doing reps really help get better
- Draw all the time.
- You'll get better over time

Web tip of the week:
- In-browser Web developer tools

Design tip of the week: 
-  Push your design a bit

Freelance Tip of the week:
-  Manage your time
-  Plan to make money from the start 

Twitter'ers of the week :

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Episode 2 : Perfection is the enemy