Episode 3 - Gettin’ into Da Biz, Yo!

On this episode of the Art Zen podcast, we talk about how to get into the art business. We don't talk about too many specifics, since there are many ways to get work in the creative field. Instead, Thomas gives his first hand account as a freelance graphic designer and Darrel just listens and throws in a few words here and there without trying to vear off course too much. In fact, what was Darrel doing the whole time? (We think playing Angry Birds, but we cannot be certain).

Show Notes:

Introduction, "Artwork & Doctor's visit"
- Darrel started creating a new art piece
- Thomas went to the doctor's (Bummer)
- What were we talking about? Oh yes, Multi-level marketing (just kidding)
- "The Secret"... yeah... 

How to break into the Art Business
- Helpful common sense things
- No magic button
- Thomas broke in through the production side 
- A lot of value in production 
- Creative Jobs are super competitive 
- A billion ways to break in (to the Art Biz) 
- Difference between school and work knowlege 
- Interning is a good way to start 
- Paying for knowlege 
- It takes perseverance 
- Tortoise and the Hare 
- "Talent is overrated" 
- What's good for the business 

Design tip of the week:
- Setup templates, save time

Web Tip of the week:
- Get yourself a deviantArt page (it's free). www.deviantArt.com 

Twitter'er of the week:
- Scott Johnson,  @ExtraLife
- Steven Beals, @StBeals


You can find Thomas at:
- Twitter: @Thomas514 & @RobotFriday 
- Website: Robotfriday.com 
- Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/RobotFriday 

You can find Darrel at:
- Twitter: @Raydred 
- deviantArt: raydred.deviantart.com 

Episode 3 - Gettin into Da Biz Yo