Episode 5 - We’re not qualified, Meh, that’s cool

On this episode of the Art Zen podcast, we discuss the purpose of design... poorly. Darrel started out with a good idea of what design is, and quickly lost it. We took many tangents, and we left a lot of the audio unedited for your amusment. The pod-gods were not looking upon us this episode, but that's ok, it became just fun to record.

Show Notes:

Purpose of design..
Express an idea 
(is this going well?) 
David Carson
I don't know what design is, but i know what looks good.
(great, we've offended Billy Ray Cyrus..)
The Darrel / Thomas argument..
How to come up with creative ideas
(Oh boy, this is confusing) 
Darrel loses it... (he train of thought)
The seed of design
What i'm sayin' is right. 
Not a commercial.


Tips of the week:

Thomas - Design : Use text elements, as apart of your design
For people who use this well, See: Paula Scher, David Carson, Milton Glaser

Darrel - Web : Css, is the best. For Css inspiration, go look at http://www.csszengarden.com

Twitter'er of the week:
Darrel :  @SJKPDX
Thomas : @pcweenies

Thanks for listening! We do appreciate it.

Episode 5 - We’re not qualified, Meh, that’s cool