Episode 6 - The principals of design

Last time... on Art Zen Podcast... (I have no dramatic music, so I shall just continue...)

On this very normal episode of the Art Zen podcast, we discuss what "Art and Design" really is as well as touch on the fundementals of design. 

Show Notes:

- Introduction
- Street art (I'm Banksy)

- The principals of design
- What is Art & Design
  - Design is defined with principals
  - The hallow apple  

  - 5 main principals of design

  • 1. Balance
  • 2. Proportion
  • 3. Rhythm
  • 4. Emphasis
  • 5. Unity

- these principals are a tool
- art / design is about solving problems 
- don't let the process trap you 
- http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/rhythm-is-gonna-get-you/id192693011?i=192693084 


-Tips of the week:
    - Design : Don't be afraid to break the rules.
    - Web: Darrel has nada. 

- Twitter'ers of the week:
    - Darrel : @RobotBeach
    - Thomas: @dpocza


 Thanks for listening! 
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Episode 6 - The principals of design