Episode 4 - Processing, Please wait...

On this episode of Art Zen, we discuss our process for creating graphics and artwork. This is a basic overview of how Thomas and Darrel typically works. Darrel discusses his most recent art work, "She emerges from the ink", as well as where you can get art supplies. Thomas gives us a rundown of how Robot friday is done, and in the end, Marsha forgives Greg for breaking her nose. Ok, that last part wasn't true, but it sounded good right?

 (Note: Darrel's mic was clipping a bit... this will be fixed in the future. If it is not, he will be replaced by a toaster. )

Show Notes:

Intro, Thomas got a new jay-oh-bee!

Thomas gives praise to Darrel for doing a swell job editing etc..

Darrel finishes his art piece (see below)


Darrel's Art Process (sorry unknown artist, I couldn't find you)

Where can you find some art supplies?

Thomas's Web Comic Process

Comic Text - http://blambot.com/

Sketch > Pen scanner >Adobe Illustrator w/ wacom tablet

Feel free to experiment! 

Tips of the week:

Darrel - When experimenting, buy cheap art materials

Thomas - In illustrator, use transparencies to your advantage

Twitter'er of the week:

Thomas chooses : @Vonster 

Darrel chooses: @spaceavalanche

 Thanks for listening! Tune in next week!

Episode 4 - Processing, Please wait