Episode 7 - The Elements

On this episode of the Art Zen podcast, we continue our discussion of the basics. Last time we talked about  "Art / Design Principals", and today we'll be talking about "design elements". These elements (along with the principals) make the foundation of art and design. If you come to know them well, you can apply that into your artwork or graphic design, and it will make them better (in our opinion).

Show Notes:

- Introductions
- The schedule change
- The Royal Wedding (we had to mention it) 
- Elements of Art / Design 
- Texture
- Form
- Space
- Line
- Color 
- Mark Rothko (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Rothko)
- Value
- Shape (as defined from John Lovett

- Go on the internet and do a bit more research.
- Drawing on the right side of the brain, Betty Edwards 

Tips of the Week:
Darrel - Web: When designing for web, think about how it will gracefully degrade to older browsers and how you can Future-proof your websites.

Thomas - Design: Talk to your printer

Twitter'er of the week:
Thomas : @lartist
Darrel : @Daligrrrl 


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Episode 7 - The elements