The lost episode (that's lost forever)

Bummer alert: we don't have episode 10 (yet).

Something went wrong with my computer last night and we lost the recording. I'm not sure where the glitch happened, or why, but when I hit the button to stop recording, it never saved the audio (like it has done 9 times in the past). I'm not sure if an update to skype caused it, or if a stray particle from a neutron star stuck my computer, but we lost the episode.

With all that said, I'm making plans on having a redundant system, so that if anything goes wrong, we have some record of the episode.

In other news, We won't have any new episodes for the next two weeks since this week is over and next week is Phoenix comicon. We will however have a big surprise when we return. (Think, someone at comicon possibly making an appearance on the Art Zen)

I wanted to say, that I'm sorry Art Zen episode 10 is unavailable yet. Thank you for listening to us, and please tell anyone you can about us.

We're just on a short break due to upcoming events, and we'll be back soon!

Thanks again. Without your support, I wouldn't be doing this.

- Darrel