Episode 13 - Interview with Drew Pocza (Part one)

On this Episode of Art Zen, we interview one of our favorite illustrators, Drew Pocza! Drew is an illustrator, comic creator, all around awesome guy. He stops in to share some of his wisdom and encouragment about illustration, comics, and being a businessman. Sit tight, this is going to be great!

Show Notes:

List of resorces & cool stuff Drew mentioned:

Gary V. Crush it! (great book to read)
Feedjit.com (realtime stats)
The Art Order


You can find Drew at his website, Pocza.com, as well on twitter: @dpocza

(If I forgot anything, please email me, and I'll add it)

Stay tuned for the continuation of the interview with Drew Pocza on Episode 14!

Thanks for listening!

Episode 13 - Interview with Drew Pocza (Part one)