Episode 10 - Comi, Comi, Comi, Comi, Comi, Comi-con!

We return with a vengeance! Since the "real" episode 10 didn't record, We are forced to bring you a better episode, with more awesomeness.

On this episode of Art Zen, we talk about the Phoenix Comicon, and how it might have changed our lives! We also have a suprise interview, Daniel Davis (A.K.A. Steam Crow)! All the yummy steam/diesel punkness all wrapped up into a little gooey, delightful, episode 10!

Show Notes:


Phoenix Comicon!
Storytime With Wil Wheaton Story
Texas Cons... Gone. (bummer)
New People Darrel Met:
- Rob Osborne (Darth Vader Cactus Print)
- Anabel Martinez (Old Space Print)
- Daniel Davis (Monster Commute & Steam Crow)

Interview: Daniel Davis
You can find Daniel at http://www.monstercommute.com, http://www.steamcrow.com, http://www.tinyarmy.com  and http://www.webcomicmarketing.com/

Comicon Talk Continues
Blue Mikey
Art Zen Comicon!!! (Not really)
Handmade Art Zen cards 
Locations of Cons 
The Electonic-Comi-Porn-Rodeo... Con. 

Twitter'er of the Week:
Thomas : @dcorsetto
Darrel: @willTerrell 


Thank you again for listening, and a BIG, BIG THank you to Daniel Davis for the interview!

Episode 10 - Comi, Comi, Comi, Comi, Comi, Comi-con