Episode 16 - Will Smith was here

On this episode of Art Zen, we discuss the fundementals of space-time and nacho cheese.... Hold on, I grabed the wrong paper. Ah, Here we go.


On this episode of Art Zen we discuss Google+ (again), and start a hangout. We also talk about San Diego Comicon (because that was happening) and Captain America. We Then finish with a nice discussion about Art toys, and Dave Kellett. It's an exciting, action-packed, mind-blowing-bonanza of an episode!

Show Notes:

Intro, Emo-stien,
Wonderful Vecor Paintings : http://lifeinvector.com/

Google Plus (again)
We watch a youtube video : Thomas Solos a  fel reaver from WoW.

San Diego Comicon
Dave Kellett's Arthur sculpture


Thank you for listening!

Episode 16 - Will Smith was here